2023 Digital Winterization Form

2023-2024 Winterization & Storage Program



It’s hard to believe that another summer has passed. It seems like yesterday when we decided to open and here we are 28 years later. It has been an honor to work with a great group of people. We would like to thank everyone, including all of our new customers who have joined our family in boating, for your support over the summer and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your family.

Our dealership here in Pasadena offers every service that your boat will need. We have the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment to handle all of your boating needs. Our technicians are factory-trained in Volvo & Yamaha in order to provide you with the best service. We will insure that your vessel is professionally maintained and worry free to you.

Again I want to thank all of our customer’s for allowing us to provide your marine service.


Tom Pierzchalski Jr., President

Services Provided by Am-Pm Marine

  • - Hydraulic trailer service to your storage facility or ours
  • - Crain truck service
  • - Forklift service
  • - Travel lift service
  • - Factory trained service techs for Volvo, & Yamaha as well as Kohler generators
  • - Free Courtesy Boat inspection with any service (includes a detailed report and consulting with the technician)
  • - Free Captain boat pickup and delivery for winter storage and spring commissioning in (Pasadena and Severna park zip codes)
  • - Dockside service by water
  • - Roadside service at no charge in the Pasadena and Severna park zip codes
  • - Fenced secured yards for winter storage
  • - Prompt and professional service
  • - Bottom painting
  • - Drive service (all makes and models)
  • - Detailing
  • - Major and minor fiberglass repairs and custom paint jobs
  • - Engine sales and service for repowering
  • - Full parts and accessory dept
  • - Boat trailer storage
  • - Electronic installs
  • - Shrink-wrapping
  • - Prop reconditioning
  • - Carburetor rebuilds
  • - Canvas and upholstery services
  • - Woodworking services

We welcome all warranty work even if you did not purchase your vessel from us (please give us the chance to show you how we take care of our customers for warranty repairs)

We offer much more so please call us and ask. I am sure you will find that we can handle it.

Boat Insurance Company

(Required if you are storing with us)

Non Insurance Waiver

If you do not have insurance you must sign and acknowledge that you are self insuring and Am- Pm Marine will not be held responsible for any loss to your vessel or damage.

Credit Card Information

I understand and agree to all rates, regulations, rules and provisions. I authorize the work to be done and payment via my credit card as above. AM-PM Marine and its employees may operate the vessel for purpose of testing, inspections or delivery at my risk. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on the vessel to secure any amount of repairs or storage thereto. AM-PM Marine will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the vessel or articles left in the vessel in case of fire, theft, accident, or any other cause beyond our control. All balances are due on or before completion of work or 3.0% per month rate will apply for any balances due. Any legal fees obtained to collect a debt will be charged to the customer. Any boats not picked up within 4 days of completion of worked will be assessed a storage charge of $20.00 a day. All boats must be removed from winter storage contracts by May 1, 2024, or daily storage charges will apply @ $20.00 per day along with any obtained charges for moves to access other customer’s vessels. The only exceptions that will be allowed must be in writing from the management extending your storage stay and at the discretion of management.


A valid credit card or advanced payment arrangements are required upon the completion of this form.

If you have any questions or need help filling out the form we will be glad to assist you please feel free to schedule an appointment by emailing service@https://ampmmarine.com to set up a time time to talk by phone. Appointments are available Tuesday through Friday from 9:00am to 2:45 pm.

Rules and Regulations


  1. 1. Any condition on or around a boat is declared a hazard in the judgment of Am-Pm Marine Inc. shall be removed to the satisfaction of Am-Pm Marine Inc. and billed at the prevailing shop rate. Only non-toxic anti-freeze can be used on Am-Pm Marine Inc. premises.
  2. 2. No open fires, tools or equipment that produce a flame are allowed on any boat or property at Am-Pm Marine Inc. No heaters of any kind are permitted on boats during winter storage.
  3. 3. No outside contractors are allowed on Am-Pm Marine Inc’s premises.
  4. 4. The term “Winter Storage” refers to winter space rental. The applicant is renting space whether the boat is in the water or on the land provided by Am-Pm Marine Inc.
  5. 5. Any granting of space rental hereunder is with the distinct understanding, and the applicant hereby agrees, that Am-Pm Marine Inc. assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel moored at the docks or adjoining water during land storage. Am-Pm Marine Inc. will not be liable for fire, theft or damage to said vessel, its equipment or any property in or on said vessel, unless due to Am-Pm Marine’s gross negligence. The applicant further agrees that the mooring and dry land space rental of any vessel hereunder shall be at his own risk.
  6. 6. All boats must be properly moored and tied with adequate mooring lines so as to prevent damage to other boats, docks or pilings. In the event the mooring lines for any boat are not strong enough to withstand existing conditions, Am-Pm Marine Inc. shall have the right, but not the obligation, to replace said lines at the expense of the boat owner. If no lines or fenders are on the boat at the time of launch, new lines and fenders will be installed at customer’s expense.
  7. 7. No living or staying on the boat overnight is permitted while boat is on dry land storage.
  8. 8. The granting or slip space or dry land space rental hereunder is with the understanding and the applicant hereby agrees that Am-Pm Marine Inc. assumes no responsibility for personal injuries sustained by the applicant, or any of the applicant’s guests or employees, on Am-Pm Marine Inc. premises or piers unless due to Am-Pm Marine Inc’s gross negligence. Boat owners must maintain adequate insurance on their vessel. A minimum of Three Hundred Thousand dollars ($300,000.00) liability insurance and full replacement value of vessel insurance, while boat is transported, moored or land stored at Am-Pm Marine Inc. must be provided by owner. Am-Pm Marine Inc. will not be responsible for injuries (including death) or property damage resulting from, use of dock or marina facilities, unless due to Am-Pm Marine Inc’s gross negligence.
  9. 9. Boats, motors, and equipment of any kind, or articles placed in storage for repair or otherwise in possession of Am-Pm Marine Inc., are not insured by Am-Pm Marine Inc. All personal accessory articles and/or equipment of value should be removed from the boat before storage procedure is started. We agree to use precaution to prevent loss or damage to the boat accessories, but we are not responsible for loss and damage, as may arise from fire, flood, windstorm, malicious mischief or any other conditions beyond our control.
  10. 10. Owners are responsible for making Am-Pm Marine Inc. aware of any special hauling instructions. Most boats are hauled by travel lift, with nylon slings or hydraulic trailer. Am-Pm Marine Inc. is not responsible for damage to the boat, if boat is structurally unsound for method of hauling. Please contact our Service Department if you are unsure about the hauling of your boat.
  11. 11. Account balances must be paid in full before any boat will be re-launched from winter storage. A service charge of 3% per month will be calculated on all amounts that are over 30 days past due.
  12. 12. In addition to filling out this winter storage contract, you will be required to fill out our spring launch sheet upon filling out this agreement to expedite a timely launch.
  13. 13. Waste holding tanks must be empty prior to haul out. After haul out, no responsibility is accepted by Am-Pm Marine Inc. for toilets and holding tanks unless Am-Pm Marine Inc. agrees to empty and winterize holding tank for an additional fee.
  14. 14. Am-Pm Marine Inc. will make an effort to keep our wet storage ice-free; however, in extreme weather conditions, we cannot guarantee the same, and therefore will not be held responsible for any ice-related damage.
  15. 15. Boat owner is responsible for the removal of all bilge drain plugs.
  16. 16. Due to safety and environmental regulations, no outside work will be allowed on Am-Pm Marine Inc.’s premises.
  17. 17. The applicant has read and agrees to carry out and abide by all the rules and regulations of Am-Pm Marine Inc, as set forth above, and will abide by any amendments that may be made.
  18. 18. The owner agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys fee and/or legal costs incurred by AM-PM Marine, Inc. as a result of owner’s breach of any of these Rules and Regulations.
  19. 19. Am-Pm Marine will not assume any warranty or guarantee on any winterization that is brought in after the first freeze. The engine will be winterized, and the boats components will be winterized to the best of our ability. The customer does understand by this note that he or she was negligent on proper winterization time frame and does understand that the winterization may not protect the engine or systems of the vessel.

Owner Responsibilities


Am-Pm Marine, Inc. does not store batteries. We will disconnect items at no charge and leave them in your boat. Batteries are to be completely charged and topped off. Am-Pm Marine, Inc. assumes no responsibility for discharged or unserviceable batteries upon spring delivery. Batteries removed by the owner are to be reinstalled one week prior to our spring commissioning.

All personal items and valuables have been removed from the boat, such as removable electronics, handheld VHF, C-map chips, shore power cords, dock lines, etc. Am-Pm Marine, Inc. is not responsible for missing items during storage.

Fridge / freezer / icebox have been emptied of all liquids and perishables.

Head systems have been pumped and cleaned prior to storing at Am-Pm Marine, Inc. If not, the owner hereby authorizes Am-Pm Marine, Inc. to do so and understands that an additional charge will be incurred by the owner for this.

Fuel tanks need to be emptied as much as possible prior to storing with Am-Pm Marine. Owner agrees to have completed the above-listed maintenance items prior to haul out. Owner will not hold Am-Pm Marine, Inc. responsible for any damage to the boat, canvas, or accessories due to storm, fire, theft, acts of God, or any condition beyond Am-Pm Marine, Inc.’s control while stored or transported by Am-Pm Marine Inc.

Winterization Services


Please select your requested winterization services from the choices below.

Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Service Needed
1001: Winterization: 4, 6 to 8 cylinder engines $225.00
1002: Winterization: twin engine 6 to 8 cylinder $450.00
1003: Winterization: sport jets $225.00
1004: Winterization: outboards up to 25 hp $200.00
1005: Winterization: outboards 26 to 99 hp $210.00
1006: Winterization: outboards over 100 hp $225.00
1007: Winterization: Diesel Engines $295.00
Service Needed
1008: Bow Riders up to 28 ft $150.00
1009: Express Cruisers up to 25 ft $150.00
1010: Express Cruisers 26 to 34 ft $225.00
1011: Express Cruisers 35 to 45 ft $275.00
1012: Express Cruisers over 45 ft $375.00
1013: Live Bait wells (per pump) $75.00
1014: Macerator wells (fish boxes) up to 2 (additional will be charged per pump) $75.00
1015: Raw water wash down $75.00
Service Needed
1016: Ice makers $75.00
1017: Washer $150.00
1018: Generator winterization $150.00
1019: Air Conditioner (one zone) $112.00
1020: Air conditioner (Each add. Zone) $77.00
1021: Batteries Disconnect and leave in the boat n/c – no batteries are to be unhooked with boats on the lift. Pull out for customer pick up (Hourly Rate at $150.00 per hour
1022: Dockside service (time we leave the shop till the time of return) $175.00 per hr
1023: Captains pick up (outside Pasadena and Severna Park zip codes) $195.00 per hr
1024: Pressure Wash $3.50 per ft.
1025: Acid Wash and Pressure Wash $6.50 per ft.
1026: Excessive cleaning will be assessed an hourly rate with a 1 hour minimum @ $150.00 per hour
1027: Closed cooling system service (anti freeze change) time plus parts
1028: Mercruiser, Yamaha & Volvo Computer Diagnostic read out $165.00 ea.
1029: Prop Reconditioning Call for Estimate
1030: Replace Zincs (Drives, trim tabs, transom, generator) Time & Materials
1031: Engine Zinc service (Volvo, Yamaha & Mercruiser) Call for Estimate
1032: Free courtesy boat inspection and consulting with technician No charge
1033: Canvas removal full enclosure (all canvas will be left in the boat) $150.00
1034: Canvas removal bow and cockpit covers (all canvas will be left in the boat) $35.00
1035: Sea Keeper Winterization $150.00
1139: Hot Water Heater $75.00

Head Winterization


(All holding tanks must be empty * additional haul charges and hourly rates will be assessed for any additional labor to pump the tanks – after pump stations are closed there will be no pump outs)

Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Service Needed
1036: Porta Potti $75.00 ea.
1037: Electric & Manual Flush all others $75.00 ea.
Service Needed
1038: Engine oil change on 4&6 cylinder engines $150.00 + parts
1039: Engine oil change on 5.0, 5.7, 6.2, 7.4 & 8.1 motors $150.00 + parts
1040: Engine oil change on Diesels $225.00 + parts
1041: Generator oil change $150.00 + parts
1042: Generator oil change Diesel $225.00 + parts
1043: Engine oil change on outboard 4stroke models 0 to 300 hp $150.00 + parts
1044: Engine oil change on outboard 4stroke models 350 hp 425 hp $225.00 + parts
1045: Transmission Fluid Change Time and material
1046: Environmental Compliance Fee $45.00

Outside Land Storage

Land Storage

  • Cost: $20.00 per ft.
  • Expiration: Storage is valid until May 1, 2024.
    • After May 1, a daily rate of $20.00 will apply.
  • Billing Method: Cost is based on the size of the rented land space designated for your vessel. Each land space is clearly marked.

Rack Storage for Trailers

  • Monthly Rate: $65.00 (6-month minimum required, totaling $390.00)
    • Includes one forklift pull-out.
  • Short-Term Rate: $100.00 per month (no minimum requirement)

Short-Term Land Storage for Boats

  • Monthly Rate: $150.00 per designated space
  • Daily Rate: $20.00

Hauling, Travelift, and Forklift services


Customers must have their own blocking materials on site when Am Pm Marine arrives with their boat at their storage location. If not, Am Pm Marine will provide the necessary materials and customer will be billed accordingly.

Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Service Needed
1047: Boats needing travel lift services to be hauled to the yard for winter storage, includes power spray $13.00 per ft.
1048: Boats 33 Ft. and under Haul out Blocking (Pressure cleaning non excessive) and Spring Launch Boats must be stored at Am Pm Marine and picked & launched at our ramp $14.00 per ft.
1049: Hydraulic trailer hauling non wide load in a 10 mile range $350.00 Over 10 miles add $7.00 per mile 1088
1050: Hydraulic trailer hauling wide load in a 10 mile radius $395.00 Over 10 miles add $7.00 per mile 1088
1051: Short haul travel lift / Fork lift for winter work ft x $7.00
1052: Forklift time for pulling engines 1 hour minimum @ $185.00. After the first hour, cost will be based on half hour increments @ $92.50 per half hour
1141: Crain Truck time for any lifts 1 Hour minimum @ 185.00. After the first hour, cost will be based on half hour increments @ 92.50 per half hour / Flat rate trip charge of $50.00 will be charged for any road service and mileage of $5.00 per mile will be charged Over a 10 mile radius Mileage $50.00 Trip Charge
1136: Boats stored at Atlantic Marina Resort will not be accepted until October 1st and must be launched by April 30th. Storage Rates are good for October until the end of April. Winter Special Package: Storage, Haul, Block, Environmental mat, and launch in the spring $36.00 Per Ft.

Volvo Compliance to be followed to maintain warranty


See your Volvo blue book and present this to have it signed off and the services performed Years 1,2,3,4&5 – Don’t take the chance of loosing your engine warranty

Charge is $ 190.00 Per engine, Engine oil change and stern drive service with impeller change out will billed as extra charges. $ 190.00 Covers checks only.

Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Outdrive Services Does not include parts


(Props should be pulled at least 3 times a year & lubed)
Volvo DP Drives –Props shafts must be cleaned and Greased every month

Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Service Needed
1053: Alpha outdrive w/water pump impeller replacement (remove, service & reinstall) $385.00
1054: Alpha outdrive stern drive service w/o impeller (remove service & reinstall) $225.00
1056: Bravo Stern Drive Service w/o engine impeller change out $225.00
1057: Bravo Stern Drive Service with engine impeller change out $450.00
1058: Volvo Stern Drive Service w/o engine impeller change out $225.00
1059: Volvo Stern Drive Service with engine impeller change out $375.00
1060: Lower unit fluid change Dual & single prop application $150.00
1061: Lower unit fluid change IPS / Zues application $299.00
1140: 425’s Or any Lower unit fluid that can be changed on the lift will be assessed an extra 1Hr Per Lower unit @ $150.00 per drive
1142: Water pump impeller replacement outboard 0-350 hp $300.00

Generator impellers must be requested on spring commission forms.

Shrink wrapping Services


Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge. Parts prices are listed on the sheet below.

Click here to open the Winterization Shrink Wrap Chart
Service Needed
1062: Sport jet Shrink wrapping (PWC) $253.00
1063: Sport jet Shrink wrapping (PWC) dual ski $300.00
1064: Sport Boats 17 feet and under $337.00
1065: Sport boats / sport yachts 18 to 27 feet see sheet
1066: Sport boats / sport yachts 28 to 33 feet see sheet
1067: Sport Boats / Sport Yachts 34 to 40 feet see sheet
1068: Sport Boats / Sport Yachts 40 feet and up see sheet
1069: Aft Cabin / Bridge Boats 24 to 42 feet see sheet
1070: Aft cabin / Bridge Boats 42 to 56 feet see sheet
1071: Express and Bridge Cockpit’s time&mat Mildew bags installed $12.00 ea. Braces installed Included
1072: Shrink Wrap Doors $35.00
1090: Color Hull Chaffing Protection ft. $3.25
Any boat that is done on the lift will be assessed an additional $5.00 per ft. on top of the normal shrink wrap rate.
1143: Outboard Motor Chaffing Protection Rate Per Engine Qty $25.00

Bottom Painting Service


Charges for bottom paint include materials.
(Any boat being stored with us must have this application completed upon the winterization schedule. Any boats that do not have the color specified in the color box will be painted the original color or if it has not been painted if will be painted at the discretion of the dealership as for the bottom color.

Service Needed
1073: Paint Bottom hard paint (never painted) color $72.00 per ft.
1074: Paint Bottom ablative paint (never painted) color $102.00 per ft.
1075: Repaint Bottom Hard paint color $25.00 per ft.
1076: Repaint Bottom ablative paint color $39.00 per ft.
1077: Scrape and paint out drive (per Drive) $299.00 ea.
1078: Scrape and paint Bow Thruster Time and Materials
1079: Hydraulic Platforms Scrape and Paint Time and Materials
1080: Sand Blast Running Gear & Tabs $299.00 Flat Rate

Wash Plan

Includes: Hand wash with boat soap and dry

Service Needed
Boat Wash On-Demand $8.00/ft

Yamaha Recommended Services


Quoted prices are for service labor; any parts needed will be a separate charge.

Service Needed
0000: 20 Hrs. (3 months) Call for a break down list of items to be completed and print out
0000: 100 Hrs. (1 year) Call for a break down list of items to be completed and print out
0000: 300 Hrs. (3 years) Call for a break down list of items to be completed and print out
0000: 500 Hrs. (5 years) Call for a break down list of items to be completed and print out
0000: 1000 Hrs. Call for a break down list of items to be completed and print out

Hourly Flat Rates


Yard Shop Rate: $150.00 Per Hr.
Road Rate: $175.00 Per Hr.
On Water Pick Up: $195.00 Per Hr. Plus travel
Fiberglass Repairs: $195.00 Per Hr.
Canvas Repairs: $195.00 Per Hr. Unless Flat Rate is given


4% Freight is charged on all invoices containing small parts price subject to change for large part’s

Winter Service Recommendations



  • Prop Reconditioning
  • Cutlass Bearing Inspection/Replacement
  • Engine/Transmission Oil Analysis
  • Exhaust Manifold, Riser, and Elbow Inspection
    (consider replacement if more than five years old)
  • Outdrive Bellows Inspection
    (consider replacement if more than five years old)
  • Shaft/Rudder Packing Inspection
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform Installations
  • Bow Thruster Installations
  • Gas to Diesel Engine Conversions
    (diesel engines available for stern drive and inboard conversions)
  • Engine Replacements and Upgrades
    (update to the latest technology, increase your fuel economy and reliability)

Special Note – Have you checked your Yamaha handbook to be sure your hourly service work has been performed?



  • Flo-Scan Installation
    (monitors fuel use allowing operator to optimize throttle and trim settings for improved fuel economy)
  • Bonding System Inspection
    (ensures proper bonding of metal components in vessel to control corrosion)
  • Cockpit TV Installation, Flat Screen TV Upgrades, and Digital TV Converter Installations
  • iPod Dock Installation, Stereo, Amplifier, and Speaker Upgrades
  • HD and Sirius/XM Stereo Installations
  • Satellite TV System Installations (Raymarine or KVH)
  • Camera Installations, Color or Black and White available
    (engine room, aft facing or salon cameras connected to your plotter)
  • Auto Pilot, Radar, and Chartplotter Installations/Upgrades



  • Canvas Replacement
    (replace worn or outdated canvas, change the color for a new look)
  • Deck, Hull, or Boot Stripe Replacement
    (replace damaged striping or change the color for an updated look)
  • Deck Hardware Replacement/Re-bedding
    (inspect for loose cleats, windlass, or stanchions, replace damaged hardware, re-bed hardware to prevent moisture intrusion into the coring)


Fiberglass/Gel-Coat Repair

  • Fiberglass/Gel-Coat Repair
    (repairing gouges, stress cracks, and impact damage now will help retain the vessel's value as well as increase the appearance)
  • Wet Sanding of Colored Hull Sides
    (wet sanding of colored gel-coat to remove the small scratches caused by fenders, rubbing the dock, and faded gel-coat should be performed prior to waxing)